Rohingya Refugee Rehabilitation


The Rohingyas are a stateless minority community from Myanmar. Around 40000 Rohingya refugees are living in India including toddlers, old men, and women. They have nothing and they need everything. They were forced to flee their homeland, leaving their wealth, tradition, and living space behind. They faced inhuman barbaric atrocities at the hands of both people and the state. Fearing death and persecution, they ferried to neighboring countries. Many died while they try to sail to the other land, many survived. In Bangladesh, Malaysia, India and in many other countries many of the Rohingyans found refuge. They feared death and misery even in the new land where they reached, not from the sword or gun, but from the poverty and starvation. Thus, it is the duty of the fellow human beings to extend their helping hand to the most persecuted community on the earth, the Rohingyas.

The vast majority of Indian Rohingyans are living in 12 camps in Jammu. Besides, they are living in other cities such as Mewat (Haryana), Kalindhi Kunch (Delhi) Faridabad (UP), Hyderabad-(Telangana). The ladder foundation provides, basic help to the  Jammu, Delhi, Haryana refugee camps, where thousands of the Rohingyans are living in thatched houses.We have been implementing different projects in various camps for the last 3 years.


Jammu Elementary School

When their eyes saw swords at an age when they are supposed to see sticks, children of Rohingya community had to run. A voyage to a distant place, that too at this early stage was highly tormenting for every single refugee child. The children are one of the worst victims of the Rohingya plight. Their basic rights are being violated.  They are thrown into a violent world, where they may not get a chance to develop their skills or most often they are being exploited. Basic education can empower them to grow and face the world realities confidently.The Ladder foundation, withstanding the universal values of Child rights, firmly believes that empowering them with education can make miracles in their life. We are running a daycare school for refugee children in Battindi-Jammu. More than 60 students are studying in LKG class. We are providing free education, food, books and other basic needs. The next batch will start in June 2018.

Food-kit distribution

Frequently we implement food distribution in the camps, providing refuges with nutritious and healthy food. Ladder foundation also distributes relief kits for most of the refugee families in Jammu, Delhi, and Haryana. We give rice, wheat, oil, and other basic items.

Widow scheme

Recently Ladder Foundation conducted a survey and found out around 300 widows are living in various camps in Jammu. Having lost earning member from the family they are facing challenges in their life. We are planning a permanent pension scheme for widows.

Drinking water project

There are 446 families living in Mewat camp, outskirt of Delhi. The ladder foundation has decided to construct Drinking water project in the area.