STEP: Education for all

There is no doubt education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation and it is the passport to the future as the great visionary Malcolm X stated once. Unfortunately, for the poor and destitute of our country, seeking quality education is still a dream. Very often their poverty compel them to engage in child labor at the very early age itself. As a result they loss the interest in education at young age due to the money inflow. This very seriously hamper the development of our country.

When these children grow up, their desperate state prompt them to compel their offspring’s also to follow the same suit. Like this the vicious circle of child labor continues. It is only through continues awareness and financial assistance, we can inspire them to seek education and aim for high. The Ladder Foundation has undertaken this hard task here in the remote villages of Jharkhand like we do in many other parts of our country. Our educational activities in Jharkhand spread through many areas of the state.

Wazirpur, Dhanbad District

The ladder foundation has a well functioning Upper Primary school in Wazirpur with the strength of more than 100 students ranging from 1st standard to 7th. The teaching faculty here is well educated and qualified. As the students are from extremely poor background, we provide them all the support they need including free uniforms, bags and books. Apart from this, the foundation also gifts clothes and food during festival seasons. Even though the institution is run under a rented building now, the foundation has acquired a half acre land and expects construct our own school building in near future.

Pakur District

The school is situated in Ranga village of Litipara constituency with a strength of 70 students. The school provides all facilities free of cost for its students which highly motivates the parents to send their children without hesitation. As our other institutions in Jharkhand, this also functions in a rented building. But we were fortunate to acquire 30 cents near National High way for a new building.

There are many educational projects are going on in different places like  Bona bagadi and Pachmoria villages of Jharkhand

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