Refugee rehabilitation

Rohingya refugee crisis is one of the major crises in the world today. United nations has termed these refugees as stateless and they have also been described as one of the most prosecuted minorities.

The Ladder Foundation gives much importance to provide good quality education for the refugee children as education is one of the most powerful vehicles of social transformation. It is through which we expect the children to nurture their innate abilities and find their path eventually. Currently we focus on two main areas, i.e., basic literacy program for small children and general schooling for the bigger ones. Along with basic literacy, we also provide a course on moral studies.

Elementary schools

In Hyderabad of Telangana state, there are 900 Rohingya families have been staying in different camps. The refugee camps which located in Balapur of Ranga reddy district, are initiated by financial support of some non- Government organizations and will wishers. Refugees are living in cramped shelters, excluded from social and educational privileges.
One of the severe problems in that most of the children are not attending schools due to multiple reasons; distance to government schools, economical barrier to get admission in private schools, unawareness of parents this leads to such a condition that younger generations become uneducated and it persuade them to indulge in theft and drug addiction.

To fill this gap, Ladder foundation of India, a non-government and non-profit organization, had initiated to establish an elementary school for refugee children. More than 40 students are studying in LKG and UKG classes. Now it completed one academic year with successful first batch, equipped with both moral and secular education. The foundation provide free education, books and other educational aids.
Apart from educational support, ladder foundation also gives support of food, self employment and living infrastructure. As part of self-employment, A mobile service center had facilitated for a brother who is good at phone repairing. And a tailoring institute also started for those who are good at sewing work and they are giving training of sewing to others as well.

In the six camps in Delhi-Haryana area, we have the aforementioned literacy and moral studies program in four camps. A large number of students seek education through this program. They will finally be promoted to the general school after acquiring the required skills. In the general school situated in the Mewat camp in Haryana, around 120 students study there. They are educated in various disciplines including English, Urdu, Arabic and Burmese languages, Maths and Computer. Along with education we also facilitate their food and lodging.

Drinking Water Supply

Water scarcity is a very serious concern in the Rohingyan refugee camps. As water is one of the major factors which contribute to the transmission of many diseases, it is very essential to ensure that the refugees get clean and safe drinking water. So we decided to supply adequate drinking water to the camps and started the supply with two camps in the beginning. We are planning to extend the service to other camps also in the near future.

Now, Ladder foundation is on mission of lading the refugees with colorful future.