Bihar flood victims rehabilitation packages

The northern districts of Bihar were deeply and badly affected by flood and the sufferings are extremely terrible to explain. Day by day, people are eying severe starvation.

These backward villages are literally under water due to over flow after heavy rainfall from the rivers of Ghantak, Burhi ghantak, Bagmathi, Kamla, Kosi, mahananda which are originated from Himalayas. 19 districts are affected by flood. 2371 panchayats are under water. The official tally of death is 514. The local informal data says death number is higher than what government record says. The flood has affected around 2 crores of people. The roads which are seen in google map have disappeared. The paths to theses villages lead through fields. It will take around 4-5 hours to cross 50 km. Yes, it was like a candle light in the deep darkness for local people, the arrival of a group in the leadership of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) organizing secretary janab ET Mohammad Basheer Sahib. IUML has started relief programs.

in the districts of West chambaran, kishangarh and arariya. When our team reached there on 02nd December, there was a huge gathering in thousands to welcome us. A public meeting also arranged there in which we spoke that IUML will try our best to help them. We should be able to provide at least a one-time bread for these abandoned people.

The suffering has increased by 100 times after the arrival of winter. we have provided at least 50000 blankets of each costs 250 in the first phase.

The villagers claim that it was IUML volunteers who came to these villages which are not paid any attention by anyone else, that too after four months of the disaster. It is our responsibility to save the lives of these brothers who struggle due to winter and starvation. To decide the mode of relief activities to be done for the rehabilitation of flood victims.

IDP &Refugee Rehabilitation

Coordination and management of refugee and IDP camps, active participation in UN cluster coordination, humanitarian surveys and studies, facilitation of NGO Networks focused on displacement solutions, capacity development and  assisting government agencies in humanitarian activities

Community Infrastructure & Services

Provision of physical infrastructure like roads, bridges, community centres, irrigation systems or other community structures, facilitation and training of infrastructure management groups at community level, facilitation and funding of community development plans, initiatives for disaster risk reduction at community level.

Emergency Relief Action

When emergency situation arises in the country in the forms of natural calamities our team will try to extend our helping hands for the needy as much as possible