The Government data has shown that even after many decades of Independence the country did not achieve 100% literacy to date.  Our primary education sector has to be integrated and the quality of education ensured. Prime Minister’s high-level committee report on the Social, Economic and the Educational status of the Muslim community of India, popularly known as Sachar Committee report has categorically shown that the Muslim community lags behind many other communities and issues should be addressed structurally. Taking a cue from the Sachar report, Ladder foundation focuses on the educational empowerment of Muslim community. Educational grants and fee support, school feeding programmes, teacher training and support, school materials provision and construction or rehabilitation of school structures are the projects we implement in this sector.

STEP (SHIHAB THANGAL EDUCATION PROGRAM) is an educational program designed for the educational wellbeing of the back ward society in India. It assures the educational security for all backward students, especially for those who belong to BPL category by enrolling them in nearby schools under the RTE rule. Along with helping them to meet the basic educational needs by providing books, bags, pens, dresses, shoes etc. This has given us much better results than we had expected.